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Words. Projects. Strategies.


At Content Lime, it's all about you

Wondering where to start? You aren't alone. 

Maybe you have all the right ideas, but no budget for a full time communications department. Our goal is to help you discover your vision, and then translate that vision into reality. We'll be your voice and help you wade through the technical jargon so that you understand your options. Content Lime Communications works with some of the top creatives in the biz to deliver quality communications projects that work for you.

Content Lime operates on a model of project-based resource management. We are not a brick-and-mortar agency with full time salaried staff. We are a collective of creatives who collaborate to deliver based on client need. We don't work bankers' hours - we work your hours. Best of all, you get more for your dollar. 

Our unique collection of designers, graphic artists and professional writers gives our clients exclusive access to more than 40 years of experience in communications and marketing. And our client base is as diverse as our skills. Together we have worked with and represented clients in Aboriginal relations, mental health, technology, construction, tourism, education, the arts, and the list goes on. Content Lime clients are repeat customers, and we enjoy the benefit of consistent referral business. 

Still need a nudge? Feel free to give us a call anytime. We would love to hear your story.




1206 20 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1M8

(403) 880-7925



Business communications

“Crafting professional correspondence that delivers your message.” 


Content Development

“Articulating your key messages and connecting you with your audience.”


Stakeholder Relations

“Building strong, long term relationships that benefit your business.”


Project Coordination

“Managing time, money and resources to give you peace of mind.”  


Technical Writing

“Creating clear, concise documentation to suit your specific purpose.” 



A successful book is not made of what is in it, but what is left out of it.
— Mark Twain


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